Twitter Updates for 2010-08-25

  • @GovChristie RTTT – they could have called for the number? Do employers call you when you make mistake on job apps to "get the number"? #
  • @GovChristie Do teachers ask you after you have handed in a test for "the number"? #
  • @GovChristie Stop the blame game – at least own up and accept your administration's screw up. #
  • @GovChristie Or do you hold your own administration to a different standard than the rest of the people? Huh? I REALLY wanna know. #
  • @GovChristie Waiting for an actual answer…or are you ignoring me and other detractors here on Twitter? Interact sometime Gov! #
  • @GovChristie Or was the plan all along to foul it up so we'd have less funds which would put pressure on the NJEA further? #
  • @SaveJersey How many signed up in other states? Not really fair to say NJ's numbers without stating others for comparison. #
  • Gotta eat something yummy that will negate the taste of the temporary filling over my freshly root canaled tooth. Maybe some fresh guacamole #

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