Twitter Updates for 2009-08-27

  • Trying to understand something/someone on Twitter, but maybe I should just give up and chalk it up to the fact that maybe I never will. #
  • Nerf Herder’s “Van Halen” running through my head. Fun song, but must purge it by playing it in the car at top volume. #
  • Figured out: Leaders in Social Media do not need to brag about what they do. They are too busy doing it. #
  • Addendum: They also know Twitter is not a numbers game, nor is your ‘rank’ on any rank site important. It’s all about the conversation! #
  • Prepping a new Jersey Jamcast podcast episode. Thanks @rongraham1 for pointing out some great local artists! #
  • @rongraham1 Possibly, yes. Needed some inspiration, you provided it last night! #
  • @shasick Nerf Herder is just awesome, aren’t they? #
  • Best feature in new iPhone/Touch Facebook app – built in web browser – no more jumping out for links! #
  • Second best new feature in new Facebook app – rotates sideways. #
  • @daddystoolbox YES it did and it is awesome! #
  • Love ComicZeal app. Can read comics on my iPod Touch. Awesome stuff! #

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