Twitter Updates for 2008-04-30

  • And…it’s another day…and…it’s time for me to wake the kid…. #
  • @cc_chapman: where in Jersey you headed? #
  • Can someone send me a brightkite invite? rusdin at gmail dot com. Thanks! #
  • Does anyone have audio or video of Kevin Seal’s presentation at Podcamp NYC last Friday. Also Ariel Hyatt’s Friday session as well. Anyone? #
  • Raven Symone did a remake of Double Dutch Bus? Shoot me now. Some songs should not be messed with, no matter how innocuous they are. #
  • @judis217: We stay away from Radio Disney. iPod offers total control of music options for the kid. TIVO controls TV. Live TV/Radio rare! #
  • @Eric9to5: But – social nets like Twitter afford work at home types a social network akin to being in an office. #
  • @Eric9to5: Noticed a LOT of freelancers/telecommuters on Twitter. #
  • Why is no one posting their PodcamNYC stuff to the PodcampNYC Wiki? Very hard to find cioverage of specific sessions, and little on Wiki. #
  • Gotta love when a user emails and says "the system" is slow today. Could ya be a LITTLE more specific? #
  • Folks – reach out to some twitterers in your area. Hit and follow a few new faces! #

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Media-Verse Spring ’08

Sharon posted a Media-verse yesterday, and since I haven’t done one, or posted to the blog in a while, I figured I’d throw up what I’ve got filling my head.

I’m starting with podcasts because this past weekend I attended Podcamp NYC – the podcasting “unconference” and I’m finding that podcasting is morphing into more than just audio programs. Social media as a whole – everything from audio podcasts, to video podcasts, to video blogging, and more is all blurring into one big community, and it was great to meet lots of people I knew from only being online. I did find a few cool new podcasts – most notably Pop17 with Sarah Meyers and Beach Walks with Roxanne Darling (whom I met).

Well, we’re heading into May sweeps and the TIVO is filling up. Lost is getting good. American Idol is still going strong, and I’m enjoying this year’s competition, despite two lackluster weeks . I found some new Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes this week. South Park is still funny after 10 seasons, and Battlestar Galactica has kicked into high gear. Still watching Hell’s Kitchen in spite of it being repetitive, and loving Top Chef this season too.

The only movie I watched recently was the Tim Burton version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I have to say I really disliked this version. Depp as Wonka – he was pitiable and idiotic, and I didn’t find him to be “real” like Gene Wilder’s portrayal.

I think the removal of the Gobstopper moral ploy was detrimental. Actions speak louder than words – and though Charlie said he would sell the ticket to feed his family, he didn’t actually do it. Charlie in the 1971 version DID give back the gobstopper, and his actions spoke loud and clear.

Songs – hard to understand the words – and if they are the original text’s words, they work a lot better as poems in the text rather than songs.

Also – I didn’t find the kids to be particularly humanly flawed either. As characters they fell flat, and the parents were not much better. I hated when the kids walked out of the factory – Mike Teevee looked so incredibly fake and Violet doing all those flips – it was just horrible.

Finally – I think that Burton’s version was so….Burton, and not very Dahl. From the score, to the bleak almost black and white scenes in town (more blue-ish and white – so typical Burton) to the humungously overwhelming factory – it all felt so….yuck. Whereas the 1971 version had a contrast between the bleak and factory that felt more real yet still wonderful.

Finally 2 – The 1971 version has this human sense of wonder about it. They walk into the factory, and Wonka sings about “Pure Imagination” – and you know there is something special going on. There is something still redeeming about Wonka underneath. He has my favorite line of a movie of all time “We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.” The kids are so much more real in their horribleness.

I really WANTED to like the Burton version, but man oh man, Burton did NOT do it for me at all.

That all said – I’m really looking forward to Iron Man., Wall-E, Indiana Jones, Hancock, Hellboy II, The Dark Knight, and The X Files. Not that I will actually get to see them all in the theater, but I can dream…..

I finished reading Dan Kennedy’s “Rock On – An Office Power Ballad” which was a funny memoir of working at a record label during the recent downfall of the big record labels. It wasn’t laugh out loud funny, but funny more in the way The Office is funny. I started reading Scott Sigler’s “Infected” – which was originally a Podcast novel, and I never got around to listening to it. It is a good “popcorn” book and reading it is like watching a movie unfold. I can totally see it adapted for the big screen.

Well – I put out a new Jersey Jamcast last week – with some cool new New Jersey artists – most notably Lance Larson, whose album Songs for the Soldier is a nice patriotic piece of work. He’s an NJ guy who is really good friends with Bruce Springsteen. I also recently got the new Asia album Phoenix – which pretty much picks up from where they left off in the ’80s. Also just got yesterday but have yet to listen to the new Madonna album, the new Nerf Herder album, and the new Tom Petty project Mudcrutch. For singles – I am totally digging the new Weezer song “Pork and Beans”, and “Handlebars” by Flobots – which is just an amazing rap/rock song with echoes of both Limp Bizkit and Cake. Yes – I did say them both in the same sentence, and you should go now and watch the video. Oh and the new Neil Diamond song “Pretty Amazing Grace” is just great.

So what are you watching/reading/listening to?


Twitter Updates for 2008-04-29

  • Looking through pics and vids from Podcam NYC. Was a great time! #
  • Mornin’ Twitters. Back to my usual early morning schedule, thank goodness. #
  • Podcasters: Jon Bon Jovi on the PMN Backing up great Nj musician Lance Larson: #
  • Fun fact about Lance Larson: Red hat in jeans pocket on Bruce’ BITUSA album cover a tribute to Lance’s dad. Lance is the real deal. #
  • I am not getting paid to talk about him – just think he has some great music. #
  • Sumitted Lance Larson song featuring Bon Jovi to Adam Curry for DSC play. Hope he plays it, could really use a good boost. #
  • @adamcurry: Awesome! #
  • I just remembered that last night I had a dream that Barack Obama was my dentist. I wonder what THAT is supposed to mean…. #
  • @ldpodcast: I dunno. Brain is a weird thing the way the subconscious works! #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-28

  • Up, Showered, dressed, but filling in on mid-shift at work, so don’t have to be in till 10:30. Morning with the kid! Yay! #
  • Ah…finally at work…Hate working the late shift, no cohesiveness to the morning, but it’s only for today… #
  • You know what I despise? Smokers who stand right outside the entrance to buildings, when you come in or out you pass through "the cloud". #
  • Eating lunch at desk. Eatin terra Blues potato chips. Never woud have heard about them if not for JetBlue. Jetblue – great advertising! #
  • New TIVO desktop 2.6.1 upgrade will not link to my account. Ooooh I am not a happy camper… #
  • I’d love to read about others’ Podcamp NYC experiences – can you put links up on the wiki so I don’t have to search all around? #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-25

  • New Jersey Jamcast is up – Episode #26 – Pre Podcamp NYC Music Blast. #
  • In case anyone missed it – Jersey Jamcast #26 posted yesterday – Great new music from New Jersey and beyond! #
  • I foresee problems for Mevio. They didn’t also buy the misspelling – – goes to an iPhone games site. #
  • @bpende: Right – help them suck less and get…nothing in return? Did ANYONE ever get anything from the "rewards" program or win anything? #
  • Lunch…at…..Wegmans today I believe…. #
  • Anyone at Podcamp NYC – how’s the wireless access? Wondering how my iPod Touch will do tomorrow. #
  • @bpende: Twitter and Myspace mentioned in the same sentence? No way..don’t lump Twitter with MySpace. #
  • One hour till the weekend starts…. #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-24

  • Up, ready to roll into another day. Much to do. Podcast production, and other Podcamp NYC prep. #
  • At work, quiet so far. Mind more on Podcamp then doing work. #
  • New episode of Jersey Jamcast prepped, final editing to be done tonight at home – will have it out tonight, right before Podcamp NYC! #
  • Listening to DSC 750 #
  • Listening to DSC 750 on my headphones – which I have not done in a long time. Man, @adamcurry has a harsh noise gate on his mic. #
  • "Mission Impossible" Theme came up on iPod’s shuffle…so cool…. Yes I have weird stuff on my iPod. Keeps it interesting… #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-22

  • Ready to go, will now go and try to wake up the kid! #
  • Notice interesting trend: podcasts also streaming during recording(some even take calls). Do podcasters want to become more like live radio? #
  • @jeffhinz: Will be there too! #
  • Ho humming after lunch….. #
  • WEird Al is still genius. "Gump" up on iPod. #
  • Home. Making dinner soon. Steak on the BBQ. Love grill season. #

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