Twitter Updates for 2008-02-29

  • At work, mild headache. Weird. Going to find ibuprofen. #
  • @acomputerpro: Alexandrea should not have gone home. #
  • Does anyone else use Foxmarks to sync bookmarks in Firefox? I liked it at first, but finding it incredibly unreliable. Times out a lot. #
  • @Zaldor – Foxmarks let me keep things private, away from Google’s prying eyes, but what the heck…I already use Google for other stuff… #
  • Superhero Movie: Now this looks like good, goofy fun. #
  • Home. Sushi ordered for dinner. Been craving it for weeks. Yum. #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-02-28

  • Up and ready to get the day going. Must go wake up kid. #
  • @podcaststeve: My dad used to work in the toy business. They had a motto: "Old toymakers never die, they just keep making chazerai." #
  • Busy morning at work, lots of folks with little issues. #
  • This is probably a dumb question, but how do I get one directory on my website to redirect to another? #
  • Need to redirect to #
  • Alternately how can I get wordpress to use instead of the wordpress directory? #
  • @gapingvoid: Where exactly are you? Bruce lives in Colts Neck now. #
  • Ok wordpress issues resolved. Blog now fully running on wordpress. Now I just have to actually USE it! #
  • Musical flashback up on iPod….LFO’s "Summer Girls" – wow man…what a goofy song… #

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New Platform, Same Blog

You may notice this blog looks a little different. Yes, I changed the theme, but I also changed from Blogger over to WordPress.

I wanted to play with WordPress – which is installed on the web server that hosts my site. A lot of podcasters use it because it has plugins for podcasts and I wanted to become more knowledgeable on it. I have a lot more control over a lot of stuff with the blog, including comments. Comments are now moderated, but you don’t have to register with Blogger to comment, so it’s a bit of a tradeoff.

I was also able to add a plugin that automatically posts a digest of my Twitter updates on a daily basis. I was doing this manually for a little while, but it got really tedious. Some of my tweets are boring, but some are quick stream of consciousness things I post to get out int he open really quickly.  Now even if you don’t follow me on Twitter you can see these little blurbs.

So far, I’m really liking WordPress and what I can do with it. Now, I just have to blog a lot more often!


Twitter Updates for 2008-02-27

  • Bored. Late shift is boring. Ho hum. #
  • @stevegarfield: I thought Apple was posting all the American Idols’ songs to iTunes right after the shows aired? #
  • At work, bleary eyed after working till 11 last night. About to go get french toast breakfast. #
  • Wow. Was thinking this morning – "whatever happened to Gary Brolsma – the Numa Numa guy?" – and the song popped up in shuffle on the ipod! #
  • Subscribed to three new podcasts today. #
  • Subscribed to @mitchjoel’s Six Pixels of Separation. #
  • Subscribed to @misssomething and @wankergirl ‘s Spin the Bottle. #
  • Subscribed to @Sarahameyers Pop17. #
  • When will I have time to listen or watch? Who knows. #
  • Lunch…lunch…must be Wegman’s salad today. Must eat something reasonably healthy! #

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