December Media-Verse

Sharon’s beaten me to the December Media-Verse post. Wow. Well, it’s been a busy month, what can I say?

So here’s what I’ve been consuming in media this month:

Of course, once again I must plug Geek Monthly. More and more I see this niche magazine as a best friend in the bathroom. Get your head out of the gutter now – I just like to read in there. This month’s issue came and it’s a veritable who’s who of geekdom once again. Tim Burton. The Mythbusters. Godzilla. A robot fair in Japan. Even the lead singer of Tool talking about his new project Puscifer. Every month some tasty goodness in this mag.

I actually got caught up on all my online comics, including The Order Of tHe Stick, which I was 50 – yes, 50 strips behind on. I’m reading the Heroes Volume 1 graphic novbel, which so far has me somewhat unimpressed, but I’ll stick with it to the end to see if any easter eggs pop out. I also discovered that there are new Groo comics – hooray! And speaking of stuff by former MAD magazine artists – I got the 2 volume Don Martin collection – which I have been reading on and off for some good laughs.

I’ve been on and off reading the Stephen Colbert book “I Am American and so can You!” which is hilarious. I have two books waiting for me – and maybe I will actually get to them soon. The new Olver Sacks book “Musicophilia” – which is all about music and its healing properties with the brain, and the new Nick Hornby book “Slam”. I have no clue what the Nick Hornby book is about, but I’m a big fan of his work, so I’m hoping we’ll have another “High Fidelity” or “About a Boy” on our hands.

The Next Great American Band ended last night, and in January it’ll be time for American Idol. I am a sucker for music competition shows. The Top Chef Holiday special was a lot of fun this week, and it was good to see folks from all three seasons come together. Almost caught up on ER and Law and Order SVU, but a lot of shows ended their runs in the first week of December, which probably means we won’t see them again until the writer’s strike is over. Reaper has been a particular favorite. Oh and I watched Battlestar Galactica:Razor – which was great! Oh, and – I got in on the beta of Hulu – which is NBC and Fox’s new video service where you can watch full length episodes of stuff online. Anyone for “Doogie Howser”? In all seriousness, it’s not bad. It’s no replacement for downloading episodes from iTunes, to be sure, but I can probably attempt to watch some 30 Rock on there, in you know….an attempt to figure out why it is so funny, which…I haven’t figured out yet….

Maybe with the writers’ strike I’ll actually have a chance to catch up on some movies. The only DVD set I still need to watch is Firefly, and then I’ll be looking for stuff to watch. The TIVO lets us rent movies now – so I’m looking at checking out Spider Man 3, Transformers, and a bunch of other blockbusters I’ve totally missed.

Rilo Kiley is a new fovorite band – channeling Fleetwood Mac quite well. Actually – I thought their single “Dreamworld” was a ripoff of Lindey Buckingham’s solo hit “Trouble” – but I didn’t much care because it was great to hear a band actually doing some soft rock and not being another bunch of emo whiners. There really has been little else new in my iPod, save the holiday music. Melissa has been particularly enjoying the new version of “Last Christmas” Ashley Tisdale released this year, and I found some other novelty gems – like Sha Na Na doing “The Dreidel song” and Eric Schwartz’ “Hanukkah Bird”.

The Podcast community really shines at this time of year. Playing for Keeps by Mur Lafferty continues to be a great podiobook. Mahalo Daily with Veronica Belmont is a pretty good video podcast – she recently interviewed Crispin Glover. Oh and I should not forget to mention that They Might Be Giants now have a weekly video podcast for kids. The best thing though – was the JErsey Jamcast getting mentioned in an article all about New Jersey Podcasters – which ran last week in the Star Ledger. I need to get the scanner out and scan it for all to see, because the list in which the show was mentioned was in the print edition.

Video Games:
I’ve played through Guitar Hero 80s, Guitar Hero 1 and 2 on Medium – and I’m not getting past the hard levels – so I can’t wait to get Guitar Hero 3 and Rock Band (right after xmas, you can be sure). Another 120 songs of goodness!

In 2008 – Since this is the last Media-Verse of 2007, here’s what I am looking forward to in 2008:

Celebrity Apprentice – I know – You’re saying “how cheesey” but with the likes of Marilu Henner, Gene Simmons, Trace Adkins, Lennox Lewis, Vincent Pastore and even Nadia Comaneci – you know you’re in for some serious good cheese. It will be amazingly funny to see Donald Trump say “you’re fired” to some of these people.

Lost – As it comes back to life – I have high hopes for more answers. Especialy because Harold Perrineau will be back in the cast.

RASL – I loved Jeff Smith’s BONE, which I read in its entirety – so I’m really looking forward to RASL.

Battlestar Galactica – more, more more! I can’t get enough of the new incarnation of BSG, which is just amazing.

Robot Chicken: Just keep on giving me my Robot Chicken. It’s AWESOME!

Alright folks – what’s in your Media-Verse these days!?


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  1. I’ll be sure to check out the They Might Be Giants videocast – sure to be fun. I’m amazed that you can keep up with all these things; I guess that’s where the multi-tasking (bathroom reading) comes in…

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