Tweets 10/30

  • At work and firing up iTunes. Think I’ll catch up on MothPod first…
  • Too quiet, something’s gonna break soon, and the help desk is gonna have to take the calls.
  • Really cool article: If we had no Moon –
  • Outaa here in 5 minutes to get the kid and head home! Early dinner before wife goes to class.
  • Just watched the Great Pumpkin with the 4 year old. Her first time seeing it. Lots of adult stuff she didn’t get, but fun for her anyway


Tweets 10/29/07

As a service to those who don’t follow my Twitter page, and would thus miss all the good stuff I post on Twitter every day, I’ll be posting daily my tweets from each day in one post on the blog.

  • Slashfood has an upside down cake. Made me think of the Flintstones episode with the baking contest – Upside-Down-Flint-Rubble-Bubble Cake
  • Comics fans: Another suphero coming to the big screen – Green Lantern! Luckily it’s Hal Jordan!
  • Almost lunchtime. It’s Teriyaki Boy Monday!
  • At work, listening to Keith and the Girl.
  • Ok geek friends – enough with the complaining about not having IMAP in gmail. We know….we know….


Don’t Mind Me – I HaveTwitter On the Brain

I know I’m a less-than-prolific blogger. This I know.

But I think using Twitter has made me more so. If you aren’t reading my Twitter page, you’re missing out on all the random, weird stuff I might blog if I actually took the time to write down all the random weird stuff I could blog about. Like this pair of tweets from this morning:

Last night’s dream: Brought home a baby dragon, and it was all cute and sweet. Then it bit me and tore half the skin off a finger.

Wife said I am such a geek for having a dream like that.

So if you’re not watching my Twitter page, you should. Oh yeah there’s a lot of inane stuff there too, but there is a lot of stuff I just don’t have time to blog. And if you’re so inclined – try out Twitter yourself, and you too can be prolific in 140 characters or less.

My Twitter Page:

Oh yeah – the last 3 or 4 tweets are now on the sidebar of this blog too. Enjoy!


Media-Verse October

You know I always like to write about media – whether it’s audio or video or written – I’m always on the lookout for something different or fun to explore. I’m actually thinking about starting a podcast about all this stuff – this way I can talk about it and include audio from the various things I want to talk about. Anyway – so here’s what I’ve been checking out lately…

Heroes still going strong, really enjoying this season. Still also watching Two and a Half Men. I don’t know, the show is still funny and even though Charlie Sheen is plaing a version of himself, it still feels good to watch it. The new series I like most this season so far is Reaper. Kevin Smith is consulting on it, and you can tell. It has that whole Kevin Smith vibe to the humor, and while it can’t get too out there because it’s on network TV – it’s pretty funny. The concept itself is funny – a kid’s soul is sold to the devil by his parents, and the devil comes to make good on the deal when the guy hits age 21. Instead of taking him – the devil makes him a reaper – he has to capture souls who have escaped from hell. The way he has to capture them is funny in and of itself. Kitchen Nightmares is essentially “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” with Gordon Ramsey thrown in for some tension. It’s interesting seeing them transform these restaurants from potential ruin, and kind of satisfies some of the cooking show craving in the absence of the now ended Top Chef. Tried Bionic Woman – but it felt like a rip off/combo of La Femme Nikita, Alias and the original Bionic Woman. While it was fun seeing Katee Sackhoff duke it out with Michelle Ryan – the show just didn’t have legs for me. ER is still a staple – and I don’t get why folks don’t like it anymore – they’ve taken it back to a lot of the medical drama, so if you haven’t seen it recently – check it out again. My Name is Earl is also pretty good so far this season. Cartoon-wise – The Simpsons still is pretty lame, eclipsed by Family Guy by far. Also – King Of The Hill is still hanging in there and the last episode about a bullying surfer at a water park really was pretty darn funny. Finally – as a sucker for music competitions – The Next Great American Band looks like it will be good.

New Bruce Springsteen – Magic – Good solid E Street stuff. New Foo Fighters is also good – nice hard rock. Brenda got the new Alter Bridge – and for hard rockin’ stuff it’s decent. Just got The Killers’ single “ShadowPlay” – remake of the old Joy Division song. Nice twist on it.

Yes – I actually have a movie to write about! Brenda and I went to see 3:10 To Yuma. In spite of the absolutely rude parents down in front who brought their less than 2 year old toddler and 5 year old to an R Rated movie – we managed to really enjoy it. It was an excellent character study and traditional Western. Highly recommended. We also watched Pirates of the Carribean 2 – and it was fun but a really cartoony contrived, and now we have to wait for the Pirates 3 DVD to come out to see how it all turns out.

My copy of the new Wil Wheaton book The Happiest Days Of Our Lives arrived yesterday and I will probably be able to plow through it pretty quickly. His writing is always interesting when he writes about all things geeky…speaking of which….

Geek Monthly is still my fave magazine of all time now. Interviews this month with Katee Sackhoff, Mike Nelson, Joss Whedon, Sam Raimi and Paul Reubens. Dude – it does not get any better than this!

New podcasts I recently discovered: Radio Lab from WNYC (thanks to Andrew) – which is an interesting discussion of one particular topic each week. The show recently about music was especially interesting. Cranky Geeks – which is a video show but I can listen to the audio in the car and not lose anything – a McLaughlin Group for the geek set with John C Dvorak moderating. The WDW Radio show – in preparation for our trip to Disney in January.

So – what are you reading/listening to/watching lately?