Real Danger?

The Jersey Guys are at it again. If you hadn’t heard – they were off the air last week for one day because a State Trooper revealed Carton’s address, phone # and car make/model/license plate, and then threatened to reveal other station employees’ information as well. This was all due to the Jersey Guys having talked about a State Police Ticket blits thst was supposed to happen, yadda yadda yadda….

I think what the trooper did was wrong – we all agree that it was wrong. However, some have said that the vigor with which the radio station jumped on this – and how they played up the danger to Carton and his family was a publicity stunt.

I don’t necessarily know that it was a publicity stunt, but realistically – this information that the trooper revealed – isn’t that hard to come by. See, I worked in radio for 10 years – 5 of those years at a pretty popular New Jersey Top 40 station (at the time). There were whack jobs who harassed the DJs all the time. Often the DJs took pseudonyms (as I did) which helped protect your identity, but somehow a few crazies managed to find out your personal information anyway. I was never harassed per se – but I remember at least a few calls to my house, although no one ever showed up there. For the DJs that used their real names – even an unlisted number wouldn’t stymie a crazy fan. This was back in the early 1990s – before the advent of the internet.

So I don’t really have any sympathy for Carton and Rossi, because in this day and age, anyone can find out where they live. Don’t think so? With the little information I know about them, I came up with what I think are their addresses. I’m not going to post them here, but if you go to, it’s not that hard to figure out. I know from reading his bio somewhere on the internet – Craig Carton is a little younger than myself. I also had heard many moons ago (before the trooper revealed the info) that he lived in PA – so he probably lives not far over the bridge into Bucks County. Not that hard to find what I think is his address.

As for Rossi – I know that Carton has offhandedly called him by another name (Italian in origin) on the air many times, Ray is likely a nickname. I also recall what town he lives in, though I don’t quite remember where I heard that – maybe he mentioned it on the air, I’m not sure. I also figure his age out from the fact that he has mentioned daughters in college, and from somewhere reading his bio at some point that he’s been in radio for like 25 years or more. Armed with that info I can come up with what I think is his address as well.

The details I put together are not all that hard to glean from various sources, so it took very little detective work to figure these things out. I’m not 100% sure of my results, but I think you get the drift. Anyone with a computer and a reasonable amount of intelligence can get this info – and it’s probably only a few more steps to pay one of those internet services to look up an unlisted phone #.

So do I think Carton was in danger? No more than any other day he went to work. When you are a public figure you are always in danger of someone finding out where you live. It goes with the territory.