Good Customer Service Accolades

We read so much about bad customer service on the internet and on blogs, I wanted to write a blog post about some good customer service I received from three companies after the holiday season. Seth Godin wrote a great post about how customer service is broken. I’m here to tell you that many companies are still giving people good customer service, and they deserve to be commended for it in public. I’ve had three good customer service experiences in the past two weeks:

I received a Star Trek Transporter Chamber magic ornament for Christmas. The ornament just plain didn’t work out of the box. I sent it back to Hallmark for warranty repair. Unfortunately, the ornament was sold out, so they couldn’t repair it. Within a week they had sent the ornament back to me, with a $30 gift card to be used at any Hallmark store. Two great things happened: 1 – They handled my request in a week – just after the holiday season. 2 – They refunded the money for the ornament. I should be able to get a working one on ebay for the same price, but at least we have $30 to spend at a Hallmark store.

Brenda got a 4 phone cordless phone system from VTech. It’s the kind with one base, and 3 auxiliary phones that you just have to plug into regular eletrical wall outlets – you don’t need phone outlets for any of the auxiliary phones. It’s great because it has an intercom – so if Brenda’s in the basement and I’m upstairs, I can just call down to her on the internal phones. Anyway – one of the handsets just up and died and wouldn’t connect to the base. I called VTech, and they had me just send in the one bum handset. About 10 days later, I received a whole new phone system. In original packaging. Brand new. They could have just sent me a new handset – but maybe it would have been difficult to make it work right that way. But sending me a whole new phone system? Outstanding. Again – not that long after the holiday season, and they turned it around in what I consider a short amount of time.

This one is by far the best of the three stories. We got three Tricod 5.6″ digital picture frames from One was for Brenda and the other two were for my parents. When we got the frames we noticed a really annoying quirk – they would only “see” the first 142 pictures on the SD memory card – no matter how many pictures were on the card. You could divide them into folders – but each folder only showed 142 pictures – so if you had 1000 pictures on the card, you could only have a slideshow of 142 picture at a time.

So I emailed Tricod’s tech support, and in two days had a personal response from a tech. The tech admitted that it was a limitation of the software in the picture frame, but if I would be patient, they had new frames coming in from the factory that corrected this. The frames came in on the 25th of January and I shipped mine back the Monday after that. We received our new frames this past Monday and they work great.

The thing is – they could have easily blown me off – which would have resulted in returned frames to They could have also just said it was a limitation of the frames and left it at that – but they took the time to research the issue, know it was being corrected and helped make it right. They were totally honest with me the whole time – and that paid off for both myself – and them. Raymond and Danny of the Tricod support team – you guys rocked and made us happy customers!

So let me just say that I’m amazed at all this great customer service. I’m amazed, because I guess we set the bar so low, when we’re taken care of the way we should be, we are almot exuberant. I just hope more and more companies play the way these companies did. In the world of the internet, blogs and sites like – we tend to hear about the bad stuff a lot. But companies are doing good. It shows and pays off.