You know you’re a parent when…..

… start singing a song from one of your child’s favorite TV shows…to yourself at work….

In my case – Melissa has gotten hooked on the Wonder Pets. It’s a Nick Jr. show that features three pets of a pre-school classroom who performs daring rescues of baby animals when the school day is done. It’s not bad – it has some redeeming value in teaching kids about various animals and their characteristics. It is like many kids shows overy repetitive -especially in its music.

At the beginning of each episode – their “phone” rings and they begin singing to classical music (all of the music is classical music) “The phone…..the phone is ringing….the phone…we’ll be right there….”

So I’m sitting here and one of my co-workers’ phones starts ringing….and this pops into my head….”John……your phone is ringing…..your phone….it’s someone now…..”

Luckily I had the sense not to say it out loud…


Heroic Games

I have a new addiction:

Guitar Hero

Well Guitar Hero 2 actually, which I received as a Christmas gift, along with its guitar controller.

If you’re not familiar with it – you use the guitar controller to emulate playing rock music on a guitar. It’s meant to be played standing up and rocking out. It has fret buttons and a strum bar. When you raise the neck of the guitar at certain times, you can get extra points. The game just plain rocks. In and of itself it’s fun, but I see this kind of emulating gameplay as the future of videogames.

The Nintendo Wii also emulates activities with its new controller. When you bowl, you swing the ball, when you box, you actually punch. These kinds of games have been in arcades for a while, but now that they are coming into the home – it’s going to be a revolution.

For me – it’s light years of difference. I played some games on the Playstation 2 since I’ve had it, but the controller was often clumsy for me – a befuddling way to control things on screen. But now I imagine fighthing Darth Vader with a light saber and actually swinging it around. Now THAT’s the way to play a game!

Guitar Hero is a little more tangible in that it has an actual guitar – but I say bring on the games with special controllers. There’s no way this game would work with anything but this guitar controller. I hope I see more games with special controllers. It just plain works.