Sample Sizes

Is it me, or are give away sample sizes become more of a teaser size? It used to be that if you got a lipstick sample it would come in the form of the tiniest tube but you could get about two uses out of it. Liquid makeup would come in a little square foil lined packet. You could get full facial coverage from it. Shampoo and conditioner would come in small bottles. You could get one maybe two washings out of it.

It seems to me these trials are getting smaller and smaller. Lipstick and makeup now come as just a smear on some shiny cardboard with a peelup flap. You’re lucky if there’s enought to actually get on your finger much less actually “try it”. Shampoo and conditioner samples now come is small plastic pouches.

I don’t know about you but I find those little pouches to be extremely slippery and difficult to open when I’m dripping wet in the shower. And, I’m sorry but, I’m not in the habit of keeping scissors in the shower. I do have some nail scissor but I never remember to cut open the packs BEFORE I actually get in the shower.

Who decides how much product goes into those samples? I’ve got a lot of hair. I require twice as much product than someone with short hair. I color which makes it dry so I especially require more conditioner. If I haven’t slipped and fallen and landed ass end up in the shower from trying to wrestle open the damn packet then I’m trying to squeeze every last drip of product from up and out of the little tear I’ve managed only to find that it’s not enough for full head coverage. Now I have to supplement with my own regular product. So in the end….what was the point? I still have no idea if I like the product.

Some companies who want you to try there products make you jump through a lot of survey hoops only to provide you with a downloadable cents off coupon for a full size product. What a bummer that is. You know I’m not rushing out to try that product. Even if I did, that coupon is LONG gone.

I like deodorant samples. Those are good for a couple of weeks even with daily uses. Girly product samples come in twosies but we can get a sense just from that.
I wish they would put shampoo and conditioner back in the little tubes. Perferably tubes that untwist and open at the bottom because that is where the product is. I’d like to see more cleaning product samples that DON’T come as a “wipe”. I find that wipes are almost useless unless it’s for your hands. Give me a rag, a bucket and something concentrated any day.

Companies that samples seem to be so limited. I don’t understand it. It’s such a great way to get people to buy it. I loved my caress body wash sample so much I stopped buying everything thing else. But then again, no one else has given me anything to sample. Moisturizers are the same way. Olay is pounding the market with samples. Sampling works. I went and bought some. They might not be the best moisturizer out there for me but I wouldn’t know because no one else is sampling any. I’m certainly not going to invest $10.00 in full size of something that might break my face out or make me sweat.

I think at the rate we are going, all the product samples are going to be scratch and sniff. We’re pretty close to that now, right? I’m sure I can tell if I want to buy a product just by the way the manufacturers are scenting it.

My newest addiction Have you heard of this group? I saw an article in the newspaper about it and decided to give it a try. The premise is this – you post up an offering for items you have around the house that you don’t want anymore such as old propane tanks, kids games and clothes, cat food, those old ski’s. This is ideal for people who don’t want the hassle of having to yard sale it all. BUT wait there’s more…. You can also take what other people are offering…..for free. They don’t want anymore and want it gone but the stuff is too good to throw away so they post it to freecycle and somewho who does want it comes to pick it up. I signed up for our local Mercer County chapter. It’s like a frenzy. Everybody has stuff they want to get rid of that other people are all to happy to have. The article I read even mentioned that one offered had a bunch of bushes that he didn’t want. He would give them away but the taker had to dig them up. I think it’s the best idea since sliced bread. If anyone else has tried this out let me know. I’d love to hear about it.
I’m making my list already. I’ve got one dog house and some bbcue propane tanks to part with. hehehe – I have such glee