a rare Brenny posting

Lyrics on the loose……in my brain that is. This patch of song from my Ewing elementary school music class days popped into my head today. I always liked the song but I can’t remember the title, author or missing lyrics. Maybe someone out there can save me from myself. It’s driving me crazy.

Oh the rain just keeps on falling and the skies are colored gray
and the birds don’t stop their singing cause it’s just another day
and the clouds keep passing over bringing rain to flowers below
(forgotten lyrics)
sometimes sunshine and other times it’s rain
but to me it’s all the same, to me it’s all the same
(more forgotten lyrics)

Seven Wonders of the House

Thanks to Rob at Laughing at the Pieces, I think a new meme has been started. Jeri has also taken a crack at this – so here’s mine. The Seven Wonders of My House:

1 – The Neverending Bamboo: Just when we think we’ve cut down all the bamboo – we spot new shoots coming up. Bamboo sucks, and it sucks the life out of everything else in your yard. See my previous post on it for more complaining.

2 – The Alien Microwave: The display on the range hood microwave shows only an odd alien language – which I have actually begun to understand. You also have to push the start button in a certain place to make the darn thing work. But it works, and somehow the aliens always know how long we’ve punched in on the keypad, so we aren’t too concerned

3 – The Hot Room: One of the smaller bedrooms upstairs has two windows and gets sun all day – it is always the hottest room in the house. This is of course the room I chose as my office, and where the main computer sits as such. The view is lovely, my desk is between the two windows, but even in 50 degree weather the room is quite warm. I’ve added window tint which seems to have helped quite a bit.

4 – Wildlife Kingdom: Our backyard is home to a number of critters. So far we’ve seen two crows fight, a skunk, two groundhogs, a snake, and a mother cat gave birth to kittens in the doghouse (we have no dog, mind you – it was left by the previous owners). We have seen a number of other cats coming around also, and surmise that some are in heat and can smell our own boy cat’s scent. Unfortunately, they don’t understand when we tell them that he just can’t help them achieve their goal to get knocked up.

5 – The Amazing Magnetic Door: The door to the garage, though it looks wooden, is actually metal. Since it is in the family room – it has taken the place of the refrigerator for the little one’s artwork.

6 – Beeping from Nowhere: We back to a schoolbus yard – which also serves as a part time heavy equipment training yard. They have a number of bulldozers and backhoes they train with, and whenever these things back up, they have that “beeep-beeep-beeep” thing they do. I always wonder when I hear it at 2 AM what they are doing.

7 – Schoolbus Yellow: Peeking through our backyard tree buffer is a sea of schoolbus yellow. Most people wouldn’t want to live backing to a schoolbus yard, but it’s actually kind of a secure feeling. They only put the dead storage buses in the area we back to – and they have to keep them 80 feet from the property line. They hardly ever move them (when they do – see above wonder about the beeping). How many people do you know who have a neighbor who can’t put anything within 80 feet of the property line?

So there you go. The Seven Wonders of My House.


Jersey P-P-Podcasts!

Ok you know I like to post new podcasts I like up here to give some folks some things to check out. All of these are produced by New Jerseyans, and are often about New Jersey topics

The Jersey Toddshow – One of the OTHER Jersey podcasters – Todd is an NJ lawyer – who plays music and has an interesting editorial each episode.

Ordinary Average Guy – Bob Bichler talks about…ordinary average guy stuff…

The Pete and Renee Show – A couple talks candidly about a lot of stuff – risque and fun.

The NJCast – A show by two other NJ podcasters (Bob from OAG and Pete from Pete and Renee) – they talk about all things New Jersey.

Bibb And Yaz – Two North Jersey guys shoot the shit…

The Dork and Diva Show – Two co-workers er…uh…shoot the shit…

The NJ Podcasters Association
is also a great resource to find more NJ podcasts… They are going to be at the Trenton Computer Fair next weekend – and I’m going to try and be there too to represent the Jersey Jamcast of course!


PS – If you haven’t checked out the Jersey Jamcast – this is a great week to do it – I have a song from a guy who has some pretty heavy ties to some NJ shore music legends. So check it out!