Fun With Coulton

If you haven’t checked out Jonathan Coulton – you should. He’s a singer-songwriter who is big into the internet and podcasting.

He has a Thing-A-Week where he puts out one song each week – either a cover or a new composition. The past few weeks have been particularly interesting – with a really cool sounding cover of Rick Springfield’s “Don’t Talk To Strangers”, to a Beach Boys-esque song about Strollers. Yes, strollers.

Go now and check him out. Well worth it!


"What were they expecting – Pandas?"

THat’s what Brenda said upon our asessment today of our bamboo situation. What you see here ladies and gentlemen – is the result of part of our Sunday afternoon. A 20 foot long pile of bamboo. Lovingly ripped and shredded from the beds in our backyard. That is about a quarter of all the bamboo in the back.

“Why remove the bamboo?” an unknowing soul might ask. Well – bamboo has this tendency to send up hundreds more shoots in places you didn’t want them. In addition – when placed too close to other trees – it will choke them out. We have found at least two trees – completely dead because of the mass of bamboo growing at the roots.

I understand why the previous owners planted it. They were trying to create additional bushy plant buffer – especially in the back of the property- which borders a school bus yard – oh the horrors of the bright yellow peeking through the trees). But bamboo is extremely detrimental to most other plant life around it. Not only that – but it’s really hard to kill once it’s in. You have to continually cut it down after it reaches at least two feet. So we’ll be dealing with this for a few years before it’s all gone. Moreover – it can shoot up into your neighbors’ yards – it doesn’t give a crap about a fence. We see some in our neighbor on one side – so we’ll need to talk to them about removing it from their yard too.

So hey – if you want any bamboo – come on over and I’ll dig some up for you. But don’t plant it outside. You will be sorry.