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Boy I hope Cathy D. Costanza googles and finds this. The woman is up for re-election for Mercer County Clerk. She is the current incumbant County Clerk. Wouldn’t you think she would make sure that we would have our sample ballots by now so everyone would know what a great job she’s doing? That is part of her job isn’t it? If it’s not then I’d like to know who the hell’s job it is and why they aren’t doing it. My parents have had their sample ballots since the weekend already. But they live in Burlington County. I guess their clerk is better than our clerk. I guess now I know who, or rather who not, to vote for.

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  1. And – just to add – even though we recently moved, we sent in our registration and we did get our confirmation cards and our polling place. If I go to the polling place with my card and they don’t have me set up to vote heads are going to roll.


  2. Oh and just to add….I went looking for the sample ballot online last night. I hit up the Mercer County Clerk’s Office website, as well as the county site and the board of elections site. Not to be found.

    After a bit more Googling I found a link to it on a Princeton University Message board of all places.

    So now we have it printed out, but I’m still wondering why it hasn’t come in the mail yet….


  3. Got an email back from Cathy D’s office. Advised me to call the Superintendent of elections – betty Monroe. Spoke with a clek in her office who said that the ballots were “late in getting out” and to call if I hadn’t gotten it by Monday. Monday? The election is the friggin next day!

    I did inquire about the fact that we had gotten the postcards and they said as long as we have them, that confirms we can vote at the polling place on the card.

    Still – I thought that there was a certain time sample ballots had to be in the hands of voters.


  4. We got ours on Wednesday I believe. What troubles me though – especially since you got yours TODAY – is the illegality of that. I believe you are supposed to receive it no later than a week advance of the election. I think the DAY before – is cutting it WAY too close.

    Moreover, sample ballots aren’t even posted on the County Clerk’s website – where they should be freely available. I had to dig to find it online.

    Cathy D does not get my vote, that’s for sure…


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