Why I’m Voting Independent

In response to a post on Sluggo Needs a Nap – where Sluggo says:

Doug Forrester is a capable man, has run an honorable race and stands in the political center.

I wouldn’t call the orchestration of Joanne Corzine’s comments by Forrester’s campaign manager “honorable”. Much of the “whispering campaign” seems to have emanated from Forrester’s campaign offices. They latched on to Joanne Corzine’s comments so quickly they had a TV commercial about them in less then 24 hours. Where are the days when candidates would tout their own Pros, instead of smearing their opponents with their opponents’ Cons? Even if Joanne Corzine’s comments were totally independent of the Forrester campaign – using them in such a way is not fair play, and it is not honorable.

I know I’m not going to change your mind here Sluggo, but I think many people are looking at this election as a “lesser of two evils” situation, whereas I think they should be looking for a third party or write in candidate to speak out about how disgusted we are as a people with the way this two party system is working (or not). I know at least one person who is writing in Codey.

Forrester? Corzine? Nope. I just cannot do it. Matt Thieke for me. My vote says that I’m tired, disgusted and disappointed in the policial process and I want REAL change. Do I expect him to win? No. But at least my vote is where it should be. If more people did this – our political landscape could change drastically. Idealistic? Maybe. But it’s time we stopped the lunacy…


What if it turns out that The President lied?

What happens if it comes to light that President Bush falsely sold the country on war with Iraq? Our country was well divided on this issue but a lot of people including congress chose to believe what he said and follow our President. What happens if it turns out he sold a load of BS and we voted to go to war based on lies? Do you think he should be impeached? Do you think he should be put on trial as a murderer for all of the lives lost in a war that we wouldn’t have otherwise engaged in if not for those lies? What would be said to the parents, husbands, wives and children of the 2000 plus people who aren’t coming back?

What about these supposed secret CIA interogation camps? Is the US engaging in illegal interogation tactics that are in direct violation of the Geneva Convention? I won’t pretend that it doesn’t happen in the US or any other country for that matter. I’m sure other countries have a don’t tell policy also. What scares me is the thought that these people could be prisoners of a war that might shouldn’t have ever happened in the first place.

Why are US Citizens so in the dark? Why don’t we know what’s really happening? Why are our leaders perpetrating such fraud on the US public? There is so much smoke, mirrors, slight of hand and CYA going on. I’m really aick and tired of all of the secrets and lies.

Mercer County Clerk

Boy I hope Cathy D. Costanza googles and finds this. The woman is up for re-election for Mercer County Clerk. She is the current incumbant County Clerk. Wouldn’t you think she would make sure that we would have our sample ballots by now so everyone would know what a great job she’s doing? That is part of her job isn’t it? If it’s not then I’d like to know who the hell’s job it is and why they aren’t doing it. My parents have had their sample ballots since the weekend already. But they live in Burlington County. I guess their clerk is better than our clerk. I guess now I know who, or rather who not, to vote for.