The Guitar Man

The first Cake music video in quite a while is out. It’s for their remake of Bread’s “Guitar Man” and you can see it from the links on their news page. The song is about a year old, but I guess they’re giving it a shot at being a single. The video is rather retro-70’s and is pretty cool.

Definitely worth a viewing.


Games, gaming, etcetera…

Saw this ad from Wizards Of the Coast for D&D. It is quite simply – brilliant. I don’t know that it’ll get anyone else into D&D, but it is cool nonetheless.

It IS a direct dig on MMORPGs (that’s Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games). It got me thinking as to WHY I don’t play any of them.

Certainly the subject matter of most of them is right up my alley – either fantasy based (Everquest and its ilk) or superhero (City Of Heroes). I enjoy playing games, so that’s not the issue.

A few things come to mind though:

– I sit in front of a computer ALL DAY – I don’t want to sit in front of one all NIGHT playing a game.

– I am a genuinely social creature. I may be quiet, and shy but I still enjoy social interaction with friends.

– My attention span is shorter then it used to be.

– I have less time to spend on any game since getting married, having a kid and buying a house.

It seems like I enjoy playing an occasional game of Lego Star Wars, Jeopardy or even Baldur’s Gate:Dark Alliance on the Playstation 2 on my couch for a half hour rather then sit at the PC for hours on end in one of these MMORPGs. Or – I’d rather sit around a table rolling dice with a bunch of friends I can actually see and interact with.

I must be getting old.

Or well…at least aged.


PS – Lego Star Wars is the coolest and most fun game I have played in a LONG time. It IS available for the PC if you don’t have a game console. If you get hooked you’ve been warned.

Why’s It Always Partisan?

Tom Delay was indicted on conspiracy charges today.

The story says:

DeLay insisted he was innocent and called the prosecutor a “partisan fanatic.”

Why does everything have to amount to being partisan?

Both sides keep up the partisan politicking and I’m sick of it. We need to get away from the two party system – it is tearing our country apart.

Why will no one vote for decent third party alternatives? The past few elections (save the last Presidential election) I have been voting for the Green Party or other independent candidates because they both fit better with my philosophies and I didn’t want my vote going to one of the two “big guys”. If enough people really researched the alternative candidates, didn’t listen to the politcal rhetoric the two parties spouted and then voted for altertnative candidates that fit their political views we might see some fresh ideas come to light in our political system.

But no – most people are concerned with the red and blue, “my guy versus your guy” mentality. That is what keeps us mired right now in this very divided country.

Corzine or Forrester for governor? Don’t really like either of ’em.

Have you checked out Matt Thieke’s platform?

Open your mind to the independent choices you have. If enough people do, maybe we can get away from this partisan bickering, and accomplish something.


Home Sick Today!

But in the best way. Actually, my dad is the one sick today so I have no daycare today so it’s going to be a mommy and melissa day in the new house. If you have to be home due to illness, this is the best way to have it. Of course being in the new house I have plenty of things to do today. On the flip side, I’m a career girl so I have this guilt about missing work on the first day of our new fiscal year which is also the start of a long month end/year end closing procedure. So I have a lot of things I could online with the laptop. The conflict here is that I could do the myriad of household “to-do’s” or the work “to-do’s” but I can’t really do anything unless the two year let’s me. What are the odds? So I think I won’t actually plan on getting anything done today and will be throughly pleased if something actually does get done. And Melissa, she’ll be walking on air to spend the whole day with just mommy. We’ll see where the day takes us.

Brain Freeze

Those who know me, know I love my Slurpees. Well, the Slurpee is turning 40 – and Slate magazine has a history and reflects on the Slurpee and its history.

I got my wonderful 40th anniversary color changing Slurpee cup a few months ago which has a handle (which the regular Slurpee cups do not) and is bright orange so as to call attention to the utter garishness of the frozen drink I’m sipping on.

My Slurpee obsession goes back a long ways – I remember spending afternoons at the “Y” in Freehold while my folks played tennis there. I think they got me a Slurpee before we went just to keep me quiet. I definitely remember the plastic comic book cups 7-11 put out for a while – and while they were simpler then the latest Darth Vader and Yoda cups – they were to me – the best thing in the world at the very moment.

I will say that one thing I don’t like is that lately the crazy flavors seem to be showing up instead of the simpler ones. I always liked a simple Orange or Grape. Lately there have been flavors named “Frawg” – a green apple thing I won’t go near, or “Darth Dew” – a dark colored thing that again – just looks too bizarre for me. The flavors are often overrun also with soda translations that are just not to my taste either. Usually though I can find a Slurpee machine that has either Cherry or Coke flavors and those are my standard choices.

Now I live closer to a Wawa then a 7-11 so I may be getting the Slurpee’s bastard cousin – Icee – more often. Icee seems to have a slightly smoother, less grainy, more “fluffy” texture and will suffice in a pinch.

But I won’t ever give up on Slurpee. Even in the dead of winter, there is still nothing like it.



Ya’ll feel free to stop in whenever you’re in the neighborhood to have a look around. Everything’s still in boxes but we’ve got folding chairs and plenty of cold drinks in the fridge. Bring your swimmies and a towel. The pool will still be up for a couple of more weeks.

We’re In!

So we’re in the new house in record time. Okay, so we packed all summer and it will take us into next summer to get unpacked but the actual move itself was a pretty efficient machine. Movers showed at 9:00am in Freehold to pickup the piano and other goods at the good storage unit in which we were squatting. They hit the condo at 10:00am. We were locked and loaded by noon. We were unloaded by 3:15. Man, can these guys pack a truck! They hit ground running in spite of the heat and dreadful humidity. There was no apparent rhyme or reason. They just started grabbing up all of the boxes and dumped them in the truck. They loaded whatever furniture they had room to move at the time. They wrapped it and fit it into the truck in layers. It was like watching live Tetris. They had a very nicely packed truck 4/5th full. I’m happy to report there were no casalties except my poor aching feet and one light bulb which broke while I was unpacking the box and dropped the damn thing. We’ll, if it’s good luck at a wedding to smash glass then I think it should be good luck to smash it as a house warming also. Hehe. If that thought doesn’t do it for ya then we’ll just say “it ain’t a party ’til sumpin gets broke”. And thats the worst I can say about that. Three cheers for Roger, Rob and Joe at McCollisters! They rule!

Guess What?

CHICKENBUTT! Guess what? ChickenButt! Makes the show American Dad (from the same people who make The Family Guy). Rob’s best quote – “oh my god, that’s real! This is a national show. I can’t believe it’s on there.”

Yes, campers. It’s true. Guess what? Chickenbutt! is becoming the rage of the nation. I’ll bet people will start blogging Guess what? Chickenbutt! all over the place now.

I think if we all got together and started one of those internet petitions we could get Brian Williams to say Guess what? Chickenbutt! on the evening news.

Houston, We Have Closed!

We did it. We FINALLY closed on the house today. We are now homeowners.

At this point I don’t want to go into too much detail about what went on. I didn’t post before because I just didn’t want things on the web in case there were any legal proceedings. However, I will summarize:


We were not happy with the way things went during the transcation. We felt as if the realtor gave us the runaround, though it is certainly possible that they were getting the runaround from the sellers.


That is all I have to say about it – time now to be positive and enjoy our new house. We have a 4 BR 2.5 BA center hall colonial in the Hamilton Lakes development. Some of the neighbors came over today and seemed like great folks.

The picture at right is of the house – the sellers were doing the last minute pack up as we did the walk through – that’s why there’s still some stuff out front – but that’s it. I’ll get more pics up soon.

It’s a great feeling. Finally a house.