We don’t need no stinkin’ stem cells….

So sayeth President Bush over and over. He’s threatening to veto the newest stem cell research bill.

Science Friday from May 13 also addressed the issue.

I can’t believe we are still having this debate. America was, and I think still is at the forefront of biomedical research, but we’re going to lose ground to many other countries – including South Korea.

Let’s make our voices heard on this. Stem cell research is something we should be funding. I am continually bothered by this administration’s use of religion to dictate its public policy.

Damn it, can’t we impeach Bush?


Just more BIG Radio

This morning I was reading Dave Winer’s Scripting news and he was talking about how Podcasting is empowering everyday folks to take back audio as a medium. Then I was at my friend Rob’s site and saw an article about how NPR is getting pressured to play more music. The two go hand in hand.

See – Dave Winer’s comments are about how NPR – as independent as it is, and no matter how much they say that the NPR radio station is YOUR station – you really have no control inasmuch as you have no control over any other station. Granted – NPR’s programming is a true alternative to Big Media – but still most stations are using a bulk of NPR programming and as such are still holding onto the NPR vision. The people don’t really control the station – and Rob’s link to the NY Times article bears this out somewhat. Of course the Repubs are trying to get involved, which would further deny NPR funding for news. Don’t get me wrong – NPR is an amazing alternative to Big Media, but if you take it further – what Dave Winer says is true: Podcasting is the real citizen controlled medium.

Don’t wait for it, go seek out some shows now and get EXACTLY what you want.


This ain’t no fake ID officer…

Blogging has been light because of the new job, but now that I’m past the first week, things should settle in a bit. The new job is very cool, but the schedule this week is in two words, well…”f’ed up.” But I like it, the people are nice, the atmosphere great, and free breakfast and lunch every day can’t be beat!

Anyway – on to this article about “Real ID.” Oh you haven’t heard about it? It’s the Bush admin’s plan to establish a national ID card. Somehow this lovely piece of Orwellian legislation seems to have slipped under the radar of even our largest news organizations – a search on the CNN turned up nothing. Zip. Zero.

This kind of thing cannot go unchecked. It’s UNreal that this kind of thing actually passes and no one even knows about it.