I’ve been wondering about something for a few years now. Does anyone really LIKE those BIG, supposedly ergonomic mice? You know – the ones that look like this:

Of course they are usually made only for righties(which to me seems discriminatory), and they just feel so big and bulky when I’ve been in a store and put my hand on them. Wireless just seems pointless – most people use their mouse less then 6 feet from their PC anyway – so what’s the point? I get cramps in my hand using even a slightly large Microsoft mouse, but I’d love to have at least an optical mouse – but I can’t find any that are as small as the wired, ball-based Microsoft Mouse I usually use. I don’t need more buttons. I don’t need ergonomically shaped, molded to my hand. Just give me a small, decent optical mouse so I don’t need to clean a mouse ball. I’m currently using this MS Mouse:

I want something the same size as that, but optical. Suggestions?


5 thoughts on “Wondering….

  1. I really like my logitech optical mouse. It’s the one you have pictured on the right up there.

    It works very well for me. It’s larger than the traditional style, but I have no arm hand or wrist pain like I did with the smaller mice. Mouses. Micen. Mices. Whatever.

  2. I like them fine. The only problem we have is the kids can’t use them, so we had to put an older mini-mouse on their computer.

  3. I’m partial to this one. It’s symetrical, with the extra buttons on each side, so it’s good for lefties and righties.

    In general, I like the bigger ones that support your palm in the center. Much more comfortable for me.

  4. I think what I’ve figured out is that I don’t hold a mouse with the whole of my hand, I don’t rest my palm on the mouse. I have a slight arch and part of the palm is not resting on the mouse. I propel the mouse with my fingers, inside a cupped hand, which is probably why I can’t stand the ones that are intended for your whole palm to rest on it – it’s just not the way I use the mouse. I tried using the mouse with my whole hand on it, and moving it with my wrist or moving the whole hand, which required moving my arm, and it seems so much less precise then using my fingers. I found a small optical mouse for Melissa’s computer, so maybe I’ll get another one of those to use.


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