If you’re getting sick of my going on about Podcasts – tough noogies! I’ve found a few more podcasts of note that I think you may want to check out.

Slice Of Sci-Fi – this is a great new Sci-Fi news and interview show that concentrates mainly on Trek and other shows that are strictly Sci-Fi. It’s produced by the guys who do the Dragon Page and since they’re radio pros the show is very high quality. Last episode they interviewed Rod Roddenberry – son of Gene. Great show.

Claybourne – a sci-fi/suspense/thriller that’s a radio drama. Little 6 minute episodes make it just enough to consume along with other stuff.

Say Yum – a show I was at first down on, but now I enjoy. It’s a husband and wife team who do a talk show while preparing dinner, and actually tell you how to prepare what it is they are making. Recipe is up on their website.

I also listened to John Edwards‘ first podcast – and it was really good, but I’m kind of disappointed that he hasn’t done another one. He had great rapport on the podcast with his wife, and I’m hoping we’ll hear more from him – he’s got a great conversational way of talking about politics.

Download. Listen. Enjoy.


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