More people have listened to podcasts then have TIVO?

Now here’s an interesting statistic (thanks to Brian Ibbott of Coverville for pointing this out):

TIVO’s install base is 2.3 Million. So that means 2.3 Million people “get” the idea of time shifted video content and have it in their homes, and know how to use it.

The recent Pew Internet research stats suppoedly showed that 6 million people had downloaded a podcast or (internet radio program) to listen to on their portable digital audio player. I thought that this statistic was dubious at first, but now I’m even more sure that it’s wrong.

Why? Because podcasts have barely been around 6 months. So what Pew is saying is that the technology penetration of time shifted downloadable audio has been so quick – that 6 million people have downloaded podcasts. I find that really hard to believe, considering that it’s taken TIVO 5 years to achieve the penetration that it has. Even if you factor in cable company DVRs (anyone got stats on those?) I can’t see DVR penetration being less than podcasts.

Either that or podcasting has taken off like wildfire. Look, I’m not down on podcasting at all. You know I love it. But I think Pew’s research is VERY seriously flawed. I don’t think they qualified their statements enough, and I don’t think they verified well enough that people knew what podcasting really was. They say otherwise, but I think once they threw the words “downloaded” and “radio program” into the mix – they opened themselves up to people using Audible and other services, and not simply using a podcatching client like iPodder.


One thought on “More people have listened to podcasts then have TIVO?

  1. I think you’re right. I think their either assuming each download is a different person or they’re lumping other services in there. Probably the latter.

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