Sliding, sliding….

Two examples of why we’re heading down that slope of the government getting involved in our media and censoring. First up – from the NY Post:


So the FCC is now taking it upon itself to figure out what is indecent and what is not. Typically in the past they have gone after stuff after they got complaints. It’s the OLYMPICS for pete’s sake!

Next up:

Bush monkey portrait sparks protests

It’s scary how just because a piece of art makes a negative statement about our Prsident, that it’s all of a sudden being asked to be taken down. Oh that’s right – it’s OK to have a sign like this:

Bush Billboard

Doesn’t that look just so scary? It’s reminiscent of signs in pre-war Iraq is it not? Has any other President ever had a billboard like that? I mean it’s similar to this:

Saddam Billboard

Oh and guess who owns the Bush billboard? Clear Channel! Looks like the Mays boys are still buddy-buddy with GW!