Well, Melissa is officially talking up a storm. She will pretty much repeat anything she hears, so we now have to be super careful what we say. Yesterday we were doing something around the house and I did something I didn’t like and said “doh!” like Homer Simpson. Melissa immediately piped up and said “doh!” right after! And so – our child is now walking around saying “doh!” Oh it’s not so bad.

The other night we had on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and one of the guys on the program said something like “That’s so TACKY!” and Melissa heard it and yelled “tacky!”

Oh what fun….

Oh and by the way pictures from our Thanksgiving at my Aunt Ellie and Uncle Martin’s house are up. You can see the gallery by clicking here.



For the comic book geeks (and not) – first pictures of the cast of The Fantastic Four movie:

Julian McMahon as Dr. Doom:

I saw a preview trailer from here:

Before Fox pulled it – and the preliminary FX shots with Mr. Fantastic stretching and the Human Torch flaming looked great. I really like them NOT doing The Thing with CGI. He looks pretty darn good. I’m glad – I thought the Hulk looked too fake as a CGI character.



The Great Iced Tea Incident

Sat down at my desk. Opened my Iced Tea. Answered an email. Shook Iced Tea like it wasn’t open yet. 30 minutes later still sticky. And I’m wearing my putty colored almost white pants. Hoping the stains don’t show too much. Mostly in crotch area.

At least my shirt is dark burgundy. Dang I just rubbed my nose and realized I didn’t wash my face.

It got on my phone but disappointingly THAT still works. Missed most of the keyboard, only a few drops.

At least it’s Friday


Captain Kirk sings and is sung about…

Ok enough of the political talk for now…..on to other more pressing issues like…

Is the new William Shatner CD good or bad? Ole Bill has teamed up with some pretty radical producers and on the first single he “talk-sings” his way into anger. It’s pretty hilarious and the music is pretty good too. I put it on Positive Rock a few weeks ago. And speaking of Captain Kirk – I added a new Bob Schneider song to Positive Rock today – and it’s titled “Captain Kirk.” I put in the new Alter Bridge as well as the new Prince single – “Cinnamon Girl.” The Prince song really harkens back to his days of Purple Rain – when he was this funk/rock blend but still pop enough to get everyone to like his music. I highly recommend it.


Why Blue?

I was posting to some boards online and the topic came up as to why what states were red and what states were blue. An interesting theory came up:

Many of the states that are blue are major metro areas with major seaports.

Homeland security is a big concern here in NJ, and in many of those other blue states – probably moreso then the red states. Why then – is Wyoming getting the highest per capita homeland security dollars? See this article for more info: McGreevey pushes Bush for more homeland security money

Pretty interesting huh? NJ only has probably the largest seaport on the east coast – and we voted for Kerry. The other blue states? NY – with NYC going blue. California, Oregon, Washington. This is no coincidence. I think it says that we – some of the most vulnerable states – don’t feel safe with Bush as President. And we’re NOT getting the homeland security bucks to boot. I don’t want to discount that every state is vulnerable, but especially NJ – with the claims of threats against financial institutions in North Jersey, as well as our proximity to NYC, and our important seaport – makes us clearly a bigger target then Casper, Wyoming.


Red Wednesday

Well, another 4 years….

I’ve often entertained what it would take to divide this country to the point of civil war. I think we’re getting much closer. The more broad minded Northeast and West Coast should just secede now. It’s clear our values and ideals are not the same as the midwest and the south.

I have a headache that won’t quit today. This country is going to the shitter, and half the country doesn’t give a rat’s ass. Self centered bastards.

I think honestly we are headed for a period of civil unrest not unlike the 60’s. It’s gonna get worse before it gets better, we’re not at rock bottom yet, but we sure are sinking.