Grrrr —

I’m really tired of taking the heat because other people don’t do their jobs. It’s quite aggravating. Why can’t people just do what they are supposed to do? And why is it when something doesn’t get done *I* have to stay late or work weekends to get it done? Why do I get stuck because someone else lolligagged around or just was too stupid to actually do the task? How does that work? I must be a complete idiot.

I think I’ve hit a new place today. It’s somewhere between rock bottom frustration and purely pissed off. This is NOT a good place to be.

I think it’s time for a change. I’m just not sure what exactly I’m going to do yet. Whatever it is, I’m sure people aren’t going to like it.

Teach…the children well…

UPDATE 10/28 – this apparently also happened back in September at another high school.

From Wisconsin:

“A friend with a child in the Richland County,WI high school where George Bush appears today reports the following. Students were told they could not wear any pro-Kerry clothing or buttons or protest in any manner, at the risk of expulsion. After a parent inquired, an alternative activity will be provided, probably a movie being shown in an auditorium. (The school secretary reportedly said that students had the choice of just staying home if they didn’t want to attend the Bush rally, but the principal subsequently offered an alternative.)”

How many years until the United States will be controlled by martial law?

Yes, let’s teach our kids about civil protests and dissent – gee, why don’t we?



Wow, it’s been a while since we’ve had a Melissa update. Well here’s the latest: She’s a full blown toddler.

She’s walking like crazy. We can’t stop her. She doesn’t sit still. She is getting into everything in the house. She is eating almost anything we give her (though veggies are not high on her list, we’re still having to do jar veggie ‘mush’ instead of solids). She’s had pizza, pasta – you name it, she’s eating it. She is also talking up a storm. It seems like every day there’s at least one new word, and the words she does use are becoming more clearly spoken each day too. I think she’s got about a 40 word vocabulary.

Here are some new pics:

Walking (before she took off on her own)

Pointy head sweatshirt!

Looking Cute.


Hipsters versus Rockers

Well, it was an interesting weekend. Friday night I went to see Cake with Andrew & Sharon and their friend Paul. Saturday night – Brenda and I went to see Alter Bridge. I promised Brenda I would let her write a blog entry on the Alter Bridge show – so I won’t comment too much on them and the show per se. But I found some things interesting about going to both shows in one weekend.

I was reading an article on Cake last week from the NY Daily News. The article talked about their sound being a reaction to grunge music. The lead singer said this about grunge: “that dumb wide-load sound that masquerades as rock. I didn’t buy its low self-esteem. If you hate yourself so much, why are you on stage turning your ampup to 11?” The article (sorry it’s not available online anymore) went on to comment: “..In response to this, McCrea made Cake’s sound consciously dinky in reaction. Along with this sound they wanted something in their sound to be “soaring and heroic”, like a saxophone, but then he thought it would be to much like a beer commercial or the end of Saturday Night Live, so they decided to go with the trumpet.”


How ironic that on Friday night I went to see a band that considers themselves the “anti-grunge” and Saturday I went to see a rock band that pulls some influence FROM the grunge movement. I will say this – Alter Bridge (which is 3 of the original members of Creed plus a new lead singer) sounds LESS grungey with Myles Kennedy singing. Scott Stapp – the lead singer when they were Creed – had an Eddie Vedder-esque deep voice – so that definitely contributed to the grunge influence. Ok…I won’t say anything more – I know Brenda wants to talk about the show herself.

The other thing I noticed about the shows was the makeup of the audience. The Cake show was at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. It’s basically a theater with the seats taken out. The NYC hipster kids were in full force at the show. These are the shaggy haired, horizontally striped polo-shirt wearing, Seth Cohen from “The OC” wanna be kids. The ones who like bands like Death Cab For Cutie and Modest Mouse equally as well as a poppy band like Rooney or Fountains of Wayne. Cake fits that mold – although I THINK the members of Cake are closer to our age – mid 30’s – then to the college age kids. The opening act for the show was a female rap Trio called Northern State – and we didn’t even see them but for 3 minutes as when we arrived they were finishing their set. They’ve been referred to as a “female Beastie Boys” and with names like Hesta Prynn, DJ Sprout and Guinea Love – well….no comment. I think they and Cake got stuck together because they’re on the same record label. Anyway – it seemed like a good portion of the younger section of the audience probably would have gone out to a club after this show. Also – a sea of camera phones were being held up to watch the show on if you couldn’t see. It seemed like everyone had one. They’d take a picture, then you’d see them messing with it for a minute or two after. You know they were emailing that pic to all their friends’ phones, or even posting it right up on their moblog for all the world to see – “Hey dude! I’m at the Cake show!”

By contrast – the Alter Bridge show was attended by a young crowd of hard rockers. You were more likely to see a Metallica T-shirt or wallet attached with a chain in someone’s jeans. The crowd was actually pretty tame for a hard rock show, I thought – and the older folks like us were more of the older rocker crowd – you know, the ones who probably grew up listening to Ozzy and AC/DC. But I’m generalizing…. A few camera phones around, but not like at the Cake show…. I really enjoyed the show, in spite of not being that familiar with the Alter Bridge CD (I’d given it a couple of spins but other stuff has eclipsed it in my CD player).

But Brenda will give you more on the Alter Bridge show. Hopefully she’ll have some time to write about it tonight…..


Let me eat CAKE!

The new Cake CD – Pressure Chief – is out today. Mine came in the mail yesterday. It’s very cool. I posted a review up on

This latest Cake album shows them mellowing with age, but still maintaining the edge that brought them into the spotlight. Once again – they eschew real drums for the drum machine – which brings a more electronic steady beat to their music. Yet on this album (unlike Comfort Eagle), it works because there’s additional electronic elements. You really hear that on tracks like “Palm Of Your Hand” – which trails off in new-wave-esque electronica that sounds more retro then new. But the band really shines on songs like “No Phone”, “Wheels” and “Guitar Man.” Every track on this CD is a gem. And if you’re not singing along with the curses in “Carbon Monoxide” – you must not be human. Suck it in – this album is their best since Prolonging the Magic.

Go get it now!