07/30/04 thoughts and events

I had a career first today. I had to terminate an employee. The actual termination was easier to do than I anticipated. It was very well documented case of excessive and unexcused absences and tardiness and I highly recommend an H.R. rep be present at these sort of things. What I found that was really surprising was the insecurity I felt with the remaining employees. I didn’t really know how to tell them I sacked one of their buds. I also felt conflicted in what I would say was the reasons. I didn’t want to start gossip about the girl because it’s not professional but at the same time I wanted everyone else to know that that behavior is not acceptable and they needed get their asses to work and stay all day and actually do some work instead of “taking breaks’. The official line is “it wasn’t a good fit”. What was still more surprising is that I found out from another girl that they all saw it coming and they figured that she was lucky she lasted as long as she did which was a whooping 5 months. For the record an employee with only 5 months tenure shouldn’t cause so much drama. It’s really bad for office morale.

In other events today….Mom & Dad have Melissa for the night so Rob and I went to see Metallica, Some Kind of Monster tonight. WOW!! great movie or rather documentary.I quite enjoyed it. It’s a two hour movie but I found it quite riveting because a) I like Metallica b) I like documentaries and

c) I like soap operas . I give it a resounding thumbs up and I’m picking up the album tomorrow.

Lastly, my sympathies go out to the unfortunate souls who have been subjected to the Scissor Sisters remake of Pink Floyds ‘Comfortably Numb’. {shudder}

There’s vigilance…and then…paranoia…

Sikh student detained by Secret Service

I’m all for keeping us secure – but the racial profiling of peoples of the mideast has gotten to an almost ludicrous level. Here’s a good upstanding guy who was detained for 7 hours. 7 HOURS! Because he scanned his Social Security Card into his PC in case he lost it, they accused him of having an “obsession” with Social Security numbers. How ridiculous is this? It’s one thing to briefly detain someone, it’s quite another to keep them for 7 hours, practically accusing them of being terrorists. The agent’s quote clearly indicates what he thought of them. I just have to shake my head in wonderment… Go ACLU!

Our First Little Blog

Awww how cute.  Seriously though, it seems as if we have finally jumped on the blogwagon. So now that we have it what kind of infomation would people like to know/read about us?  You tell me and I’ll see if I can accomodate.  Since everyone already knows the baby stats lets talk about something that you may not know.  

Here’s a solider story that is close to me.  One of my employees Marie was called to duty in June.  She was is currently in Mississippi doing some intensive training before she ships out to Iraq.  We’ve been in contact with her and apparently things are pretty grim there.  They had four computers with internet connections to share between some 3000+ soldiers and they were expecting more soldiers.  They were also expecting more computers but not that many.  They are also being charged about $10/hr for internet usage.   Other problems she/they have is that the base PX isn’t well stocked.  There is a Walmart in town but the transport van only seats 15 people so trips off the base are prized.  She sent me a list of personal use items and goodies that are hard to come by.  A bunch of people in my office have gotten together to send her some necessities and not so nessary items.  Marie’s mom came to the office just to thank us.  Marie and many of her buddies that she shares with really appreciate it.

She also gave me some info on the conditions and intensity of the training.  In brief, it rains a lot, they have to train and certify on M16 rifles..in chemical suits….at night.  She wasn’t done shooting one night till 2am and had to be up again for more drills at 5am.  She got her flac suit last week.  It’s 30 lbs.  Wearing that it might bring little Marie to at total of 130 pounds.  She says she sweats alot wearing it so it’s probably less by now.   I hope this war is over soon.  For her, her family and everyone else’s sake.